The world’s new favorite app!

Since the release, Mibi Surprise Eggs Animals has been featured in Apple’s App Store under “New apps we love” and “Kids apps you’ll adore”. The app has reached top 10 in the US kids category and top 5 in multiple countries across Asia and Europe.

Get cracking!

Tap, open and be surprised! Four different worlds and many fluffy animals waiting to be found.

In Mibi Surprise Eggs Animals you will find four different worlds, each one starting with a sky view of six colorful eggs. Choose one egg, tap and open – and be surprised! A cute animal will appear, and fall down to its world. Can you help it find its home? Play with the animals freely and explore all the game’s features: rainy weather, night/day, taking a swim or hanging around in the mud!

Practise colors, the names of the animals and their sounds. Collect all six animals, place them in their habitat and watch them dance!